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myford lathe parts > 7-Series Parts

myford lathe parts  > 7-Series Parts

Lubricating Wick [A3610_1] Lubricating Wick [A3610_1]
Lubricating Wick
Myford Part No. A3610/1
Used to take oil to the headstock front spindle bearing
Application: Super 7; ML7-R
Category: New old stock...
Leadscrew Bracket R.H. [74/1135_k1] Leadscrew Bracket R.H. [74/1135_k1]
R.H. Leadscrew Bracket AssemblyMyford Part No: 74/1135Comes with fixing screwsColour: GreyCondition: Excellent usedApplication: Super 7; ML7...
Apron Handwheel [A2087_U5] Apron Handwheel [A2087_U5]
low in stock! Sold
Myford Part No. A2087
Handwheel assembly to fit 7 Series lathes fitted with a 7/16" diameter traverse pinion shaft / cast iron apron assembly.
Ball handle Screw [A1541] Ball handle Screw [A1541]
Ball Handle Securing Screw
Myford Part No. A1541
Chrome screw used to hold the ball handles to the feedscrews
Application: Super 7; Long bed 7-Series l...
Screwed Bush [75/1220] Screwed Bush [75/1220]
Myford Part No: 75/1220 Screwed bush which fits into the tumbler reverse and backgear levers to retain the plungersCondition: New Application: ML7; ML-7R; Super...
Adjusting Screws [A2123] Adjusting Screws [A2123]
Myford Part No: A2123Screws that fit into the countershaft to adjust the headstock belt tensionQuantity: pack of 2Condition: NewApplication: ML7; ML-7R; Super 7...
Guard Hinge Screws [A2024] Guard Hinge Screws [A2024]
5/16" B.S.F hinge screws for Super 7 change gear guard; Super 7 motor drive belt guard & quick change gearbox end cover
Myford Part No. A2024
Leadscrew Guard [A4188_1_N] Leadscrew Guard [A4188_1_N]
low in stock! Sold
Leadscrew GuardMyford Part No: A4188/1Colour: Green - poor paintCondition: Unused Beeston factory stockApplication: ML7; Super 7; ML-7RCategory: New_Item...
Thrust Collar - Leadscrew [75-1115-1] Thrust Collar - Leadscrew [75-1115-1]
Myford Part No: 75/1115/1Thrust collar which fits on the leadscrew to bear against the R.H leadscrew support bracketApplication: ML7; ML-7R; Super 7Category: Ne...
7/16 7/16" BSF Simmonds Nut [7F16BSFNKP]
Locking nut used at the R.H end of the leadscrew
Fastener Type: Locking nut
Locking Method: Nylon insert
Thread: 7/16" B.S.F
Finish: Bright zinc pla...
Apron Screws [S7A_Screws] Apron Screws [S7A_Screws]
Set of 5 Imperial screws used to fasten the apron to the saddle on Series 7 lathes with alloy and cast iron aprons. (Only 3 are used on early ML7's and 4 on som...
Change Gear Quadrant Assembly [A4736_k1] Change Gear Quadrant Assembly [A4736_k1]
Myford Part No. A4736Colour: Grey - originalCondition: 9/10Application: ML7; ML-7R; Super 7Category: Used Item...
Driver Plate [ A3320] Driver Plate [ A3320]
low in stock! Sold
Driver Plate
Myford Part No: A3320
Couples the clutch operating shaft to the clutch plate
Application: Super 7 and ML-7R (if fitted with optional cl...
Cam & Lever [A1837_1_4] Cam & Lever [A1837_1_4]
Myford Part No: A1837/1
Cam and lever for apron traverse
Colour: Grey
Condition: 9/10
Application: Super 7; ML7-R & ML7 Serial No.K111727 and o...
Spring [A3611_1] Spring [A3611_1]
Myford Part No. A3611/1
Used to provide axial load to the headstock front bearing lubrication wick
Application: Super 7; ML7-R
Category: New ...
Motor Fastener Kit [MFK_k1] Motor Fastener Kit [MFK_k1]
low in stock! Sold
This is a set of fasteners used to secure an ML7 or Super 7 motor to the motor platform
Category: Used items
Application: ML7; Super 7; ML7-R...
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