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Item Descriptions


Every effort is made to make descriptions of items offered for sale as accurate as possible. General information will often be given to help identfy the use of the item. Where appropriate, details of the application may also be provided. Photographs will be used to support the descriptions and to show what is being offered for sale. For used items, the photographs are of the actual item(s) being offered unless specified to the contrary in the item description. For new items, example photographs of an identical item may be used.

Description Disclaimer - all such information is presented in good faith, but I cannot accept reponsibility for any errors or omissions. The purchaser is responsible for making sure that the item meets their requirements before committing to purchase. The 'Make Enquiry' facility is available to assist in this process.

Item Condition:

Where appropriate a descriptive indication of condition may be given, but this is only a personal assessment and as such is to be considered subjective.

Condition ratings (a number out of ten) may given for some items for comparative purposes, particularly where similar used items are on offer.

10/10   - items which may not have been used but cannot be described as new due to age

9/10     - functionally almost as good as a new item with good cosmetic appearance

8/10     - still functionally good but with minor wear or cosmetic deterioration

7/10     - good serviceable items but with some wear or marking

6/10     - serviceable items with no major faults

5/10     - still servicable but with noticeable wear or damage

4/10 or less   - items falling into this category will generally not be offered for sale

Condition Disclaimer - information on item condition is only given for guidance, the price of the item is set to reflect the actual condition of the item as supplied.