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Super 7

Super 7 / ML7R Headstock Drive Belt [S7HDB] Super 7 / ML7R Headstock Drive Belt [S7HDB]
Standard Vee-Belt which drives from the 4-step pulley on the countershaft to the headstock spindle drive pulley.High quality belt from a major supplierApplicati...
Super 7 / ML7R Motor Drive Belt [S7MDB] Super 7 / ML7R Motor Drive Belt [S7MDB]
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Standard Vee-Belt which drives from the 2-step pulley on the motor to the countershaft drive pulley.High quality belt from a major supplierApplication: Super 7;...
Adjusting Screws [A2123] Adjusting Screws [A2123]
Myford Part No: A2123Screws that fit into the countershaft to adjust the headstock belt tensionQuantity: pack of 2Condition: NewApplication: ML7; ML-7R; Super 7...
Knob  PCF [A9208] Knob PCF [A9208]
Myford Part No: A9208Knob operating spindleControl knob to operate the power cross-feedCondition: NewApplication: Super 7Category: New_Items...
Clamp Screw [A2050/A2051] Clamp Screw [A2050/A2051]
Myford Part No: A2050 & A2051Clamp screw and head used to lock the motor platformCondition: NewApplication: Super 7; ML-7RCategory: New_Items...
Thrust Collar - Leadscrew [Stk. No. 75-1115-1] Thrust Collar - Leadscrew [Stk. No. 75-1115-1]
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Myford Part No: 75/1115/1Thrust collar which fits on the leadscrew to bear against the R.H leadscrew support bracketCondition: NewApplication: ML7; ML-7R; Super...
3/8 3/8" BSF Simmonds Nuts [3F8BSFNKP]
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Locking nuts to fit the tailstock clamping stud and to secure the tailstock handwheel
Thread: 3/8" B.S.F
Finish: Bright zinc plate
Unit Quantity: Pack ...
7/16 7/16" BSF Simmonds Nut [7F16BSFNKP]
Locking nut used at the R.H end of the leadscrew
Fastener Type: Locking nut
Locking Method: Nylon insert
Thread: 7/16" B.S.F
Finish: Bright zinc pla...
24 Tooth Gear [Stk. No. A3115] 24 Tooth Gear [Stk. No. A3115]
Myford Part No: A311524 tooth gear which fits to the tumbler sleeve gear on lathes fitted with a quick change gearboxCondition: NewApplication: ML7; ML-7R; Supe...
2 BA Oil Nipple [33/072] 2 BA Oil Nipple [33/072]
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Replacement oil nipples used throughout Myford lathesFlat front face and spherical rear form permits use with all types of push fit oil guns These nipples have ...
Woodruff Keys [404WK] Woodruff Keys [404WK]
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Myford reference: Woodruf Key No. 404Used throughout Myford lathesSize: " x ⅛"Quantity: Pack of 5Application: ML7; ML-7R; ML10; Super 7Category: New_Item...
Screwed Bush [75/1220] Screwed Bush [75/1220]
Myford Part No: 75/1220 Screwed bush which fits into the tumbler reverse and backgear levers to retain the plungersCondition: New Application: ML7; ML-7R; Super...
Backgear Eccentric [A1986_1_2] Backgear Eccentric [A1986_1_2]
Myford Part No: A1986/1Eccentric shaft which carries the backgear in the headstockLater version with circlip groove to retain the backgearCondition: Excellent u...
Driver Plate [Stk. No. A3320_1_U] Driver Plate [Stk. No. A3320_1_U]
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Myford Part No: A13320/1 Couples the clutch operating shaft to the clutch plate Condition: Excellent used Application: Super 7 and ML-7R (if fitted with optiona...
Rack [A9179_N2] Rack [A9179_N2]
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Myford Part No: A9179 (will replace 73/1112/1)Length: 20" for standard bed length lathesThis is the longer rack for power cross feed Super 7's but can be used o...
Oil Gun - Type 1 [OG_110T1] Oil Gun - Type 1 [OG_110T1]
low in stock! Sold
Oil Gun for Myford LathePump type high pressure oil gun. Primarily intended for use on Myford ML7, Super Seven and ML10 lathes although these guns would be sui...
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