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Fitting Pulley bracket ML2

Hi, I am trying to restore an old Myford lathe I dismantled 15 to 20 years ago. I believe it is an ML2 or ML4. Unfortunately I did not take any photos at the time of dismantling! Luckily, not typical of me, I stored all the bits safely and now after cleaning, repairing and painting I am trying to rebuild the machine. Even after studying old pictures of the machine I cannot locate and secure the counter-shaft with the three flat belt speed change pulleys and the pulley that links to the motor.
The obvious spot does not seem right to me. There are two 3/8in holes in the tray but only a square hole in the bracket. There are two further 1/4in BSW holes in the bracket that donít seem to line-up with anything on the tray or headstock. Have I in fact lost a packing piece that fits between the ribs on the underside of the tray and does a bolt go through the rectangular hole to hold the bracket in place? I was hoping to attach pictures to this post, if anyone needs them to help answer this question I can send them on.
Many thanks

posted by oldpedagog on 31 October 2015

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