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Forum Home > Myford Lathes > Fit ML7 cross slide on ML8

Fit ML7 cross slide on ML8

Hi, I have ordered a base plate to fit an ML7 cross slide to my ML8 ebay 190959162842.
What do I need to know about this conversion please?
Has anyone an ML7 Cross Slide available please?

posted by AF1 on 27 April 2018

OK - the plate is correct to adapt the ML8.
My issue is that the saddle sleeve nut which normally attaches the chisel rest is too long for this conversion plate.
Has anyone got a short saddle sleeve nut available please?
Oh, and Im still after a compound slide ML7, Super7 or ML8.

posted by AF1 on on 1 May 2018
Hi,I have just bought the same base plate with the same plan as yours. I had a smaller bolt which allowed me to secure the conversion plate to the tool rest mount. As luck would have it, it came with my lathe. Not much help to you Im afraid. The bolt I have is a Myford part though, I think, so should be able to source one. I keep checking Ebay for such things.
I will follow your thread in the hope of more info. You dont happen to know what the thread is for the machine bolts that attach the plate to the tool rest base? Cheers and good luck. If I find out anymore info, I will let you know. Now searching for a cross slide to fit.!!!!
posted by ian on on 18 July 2018