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Customer Reviews

Here's the opinion of our existing customers who have completed our customer satisfaction survey. Please note that a 7 = satisfactory; 10 = far exceeded expectation. We list ALL of our reviews here.
Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Darren, Camberley1010101029 June  2010
stuart, Wakefield1010101014 January  2011
DAVID, WILMSLOW101010101 February  2012
Brian, Brighouse1010101031 August  2012
david, Richmond1010101026 December  2012
Hugh, Nottingham1010101021 January  2013
Herman, Gent1010101021 January  2013
B, Nottingham1010101011 March  2013
Jonathan, Cambridge101010105 April  2013
Dan, Powell1010101018 April  2013
Francesco, Vignate (MI)1010101020 May  2016
jean-yves, alfortville101010106 October  2016
Michael, Westbrook1010101016 September  2017
michel, Overijse1010101030 January  2018
Vegard, Søreidgrend1010101026 August  2019
Richard, Scrub Hill Coningsby1010101017 January  2021
Stephen, Hereford101010107 February  2022
David, Sandgate1010101029 September  2023
Philip, Fareham101091023 August  2012
Charles, Lowestoft91010105 December  2022
Ben, Shenstone101081011 November  2015
Simon, Newcastle-under-Lyme1099102 June  2016
Daniel, South Bound Brook91091010 April  2017
Mr Robert, Saffron Walden109993 May  2010
michael, oxford1099922 July  2010
TORBEN, poitiers101010714 August  2012
Josef, Schwyz999108 May  2013
Michel, Amsterdam10981026 January  2014
Michael, STAFFORD10891029 December  2021
Peter, Toowoomba999912 September  2012
James, Glasgow99995 December  2012
Terry, Swindon99999 December  2012
M P, Crediton999931 January  2013
J, Wezep999928 February  2013
Colin, Southampton999912 April  2013
simon, milton keynes999919 June  2013
Cosimo, Exhall, Coventry999914 October  2016
Graeme, Stockport99999 October  2020
Martin, BRADFORD10107923 July  2022
Mark, Colchester71010817 September  2012
Peter, Skipton998922 September  2012
Bill, lubenham998926 September  2012
Keith, Auchterarder9971028 December  2012
carol, Happisburgh997109 February  2013
Peter, Hobart998928 July  2016
Christopher, Sutton Coldfield997914 November  2011
mark, wednesbury997915 November  2012
J. K, Liss97992 February  2013
tristan, plymouth89986 March  2013
Stephen, Hyde997927 March  2013
Stephen, Birmingham8881029 April  2013
S P, South Petherton77101018 June  2013
RON, PERTH997914 September  2017
Youra, Farnbrough889826 January  2010
Stephen, Northwich997812 October  2011
mike, Romsey97891 October  2012
Peter, Grantham888920 March  2013
Liam, Poole98793 May  2013
Anthony, Nr CAERPHILLY7108820 May  2013
Robert, Howden988814 August  2015
Boban, Nis1097727 April  2018
Andreas, Wien888829 December  2012
David, Macclesfield88885 January  2013
Jim, Formby977914 February  2013
Geoff, Kenilworth888825 January  2021
Stuart, Battle976914 February  2013
Steven, Caledon886928 June  2013

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