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Winfield Lathes

Winfield were a Nottingham based company started and run by a Mr Charles Winfield in the 1920's. The photos below are of a 3.25" centre height Mk2 lathe which was formerly in my ownership. Very similar in design to the Myford ML2 / ML4 models, the Winfield was less prolific but nontheless a competent lathe for the model engineer. A nice feature of the Winfield was the availability of a vee belt headstock at a time when most contemporary lathes of similar size were only offered with flat belt drive.

Winfield Mk2 Front elevationWinfield headstock

This lathe appears to have been manufactured with tumble reverse, although the strip metal detent seems to lack originality. A Myford handwheel has been fitted to the leadscrew at some time, but it still retains most of its originality including the overall finish.

Winfield Top View