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Grease Gun - Type 1 [GG_110T1]


Pump Type Grease Gun

· Suitable for use on most types of machinery such as lathes and milling machines fitted with hydraulic type grease nipples. (See Photograph 4 for a typical nipple type.)

· The nozzle incorporates an elastomeric sealing element which has been specially designed for efficient sealing.

· These guns have been designed to work with greases with a consistency up to NLGI 2 (normal grease). They are ideally suited for use with low viscosity greases used in enclosed gear drives and general purpose greases used for ball races.

Grease capacity - 110 cm3

Operating pressure - 180 bar (2610 psi)

Output per stroke - 0.8 – 1.2 cm3

Total length - 270 mm (10 ½”)


Hydraulic type nipples are also found on many types of machines intended for oil lubrication. It is advisable to check the manufacturer’s lubricant specification as incorrect use of grease may block the oil galleries.